Interior Design & Experience Concept
by Annabell Kutucu & Michael Schickinger


The hotel started its humble beginnings in the ’90s thanks to a successful local fisherman who laid claim to a piece of Paradise Beach. Step into 2012 and the 34-room property has changed hands to new owner, who have assigned Annabell Kutucu and Michael Schickinger to re-position the property and experience.

Melding the carefree finesse of the ’60s bohemian life with a down-to-earth “gypset” approach, everything is about ease and enjoyment. Leisure is writ large, it’s like visiting the summer home of your coolest friend, who whips together a feast for the eyes and palate with as much ease and grace as he throws the island’s most talked-about fête.


What you see and feel at San Giorgio are equal measures of history, heritage, style and simplicity. The crisp splendor of the whitewashed building is just as one would expect and hope to find on this Cycladic isle. Air and light are brought inside, tempered only by fabrics, colors and furnishings which tell of an exotic place or a local story and the work of fine skilled hands. Throughout, there’s a deliberate spotlight on origin and craftsmanship where a few carefully chosen accessories give the right warmth to an otherwise open space. From the charming off-kilter design chair that shows off its raw wood parts, to the traditional Greek woventop stools, weighty cotton matelassé quilts, and even the sinuous curves of the polished cement counters, each piece is organic in form or source and together they create a harmonious whole.
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